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    Kyivstar, Vodafone and Lifecell band together with national roaming


    Suspending competition to give Ukrainians best signal

    Competing mobile operators KyivstarVodafone Ukraine and Lifecell are working together to support each other’s customers through a national roaming system that links them with the strongest signal. According to the joint message of the companies, reported on Sunday by Interfax Ukraine, subscribers can make their voice calls and SMS texts as usual, but now they can get mobile 2G/3G Internet at speeds up to 512 kbps.

    Giving subscribers best option

    The rationale is for mobile operators to do their best to ensure the people of Ukraine can get better intelligence on local events, be it from instant messengers or from news sites on the Internet. Though it has not been necessary before, national roaming has emerged as an important business continuity tool for Ukrainian operators who want to offer their subscribers the best network connection.

    Tariffic effort

    “At the moment, the availability of mobile Internet is no less important than calls, because it allows you to keep in touch with loved ones online and check the latest news. At the same time, the tariffing of services in national roaming is maintained in accordance with the tariff plan of the operator whose services the subscriber uses,” said a joint message issued by the telcos to the Ukrainian News Agency.

    Roam wasn’t billed in a day

    Under the arrangement Roaming works automatically for Lifecell subscribers. If there is no connection to the network of another operator, manual settings must be made. Kyivstar and Vodafone Ukraine subscribers can use this option through manual settings on their smartphone and by disabling auto network selection.