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    Lodewijk Cornelis


    It is with deep sadness that Guy Dubois, President and CEO of MACH, announced today the sudden loss of Lodewijk Cornelis, MACH’s Chief Marketing Officer. He leaves behind his wife and young child.

    Lodewijk, a well-known and respected figure in the mobile communications industry and loving husband and father, tragically died in a cycling accident last week while on holiday with his family. His death will leave a huge void for all those around him.

    “Our thoughts are with Lodewijk’s family at this sad time,” said Guy Dubois. “Lodewijk was a unique and special person who loved life to the full, both in the business environment and in his personal life. His limitless energy and shining spirit shone through in all that he did. His tremendous visionary aptitude was admired by all at MACH. I will personally miss him greatly.”

    Lodewijk had extensive experience of the Telecom industry, starting out in MACH in 1995 as Sales Manager and progressing to the positions of Director of Sales & Marketing and Director of Strategy in 2005. He took a 1 year sabbatical and then set-up his own company in the Wi-Fi roaming arena. Lodewijk was Head of Sales & Marketing for Cibernet from January 2006 until the merger with MACH, where he took on the role of Chief Marketing Officer. During his life, he undertook humanitarian work for 1 year in South America and South East Asia.

    Lodewijk will be sadly missed by his family and all his friends at MACH.



    An e-mail address has been set up to which condolences can be sent: . Letters and cards of condolence can be sent to MACH’s Luxembourg office at: MACH, Attn: Lodewijk Cornelis, 15 rue Edmond Reuter, L-5326 Contern, Luxembourg. These messages will be presented to Lodewijk’s family.