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    London Mayor lays out smart city vision


    London Mayor Sadiq Khan has launched a smart city initiative that proposes full fibre connectivity to all new homes.

    Called Smarter London Together, it also aims to bring local councils and Transport for London (TfL) together to deploy 4G equipment on public buildings and existing physical infrastructure in a bid to boost connectivity.

    The Mayor has also allocated £365,000 to create the London Office of Data Analytics, which will be tasked with promoting data sharing between the city’s various public services.

    Smarter London Together will also commission new smart devices, such as lampposts that incorporate air quality sensors and Wi-Fi access points, for example.

    Security is high on the agenda too, with Khan proposing a pan-London cyber-security strategy that draws from existing bodies including the London Digital Security Centre and the London Cyber Innovation Centre.

    Khan said: “As one of the world’s leading technology hubs, we need to be bold and think big, to experiment and try things out that have not been done elsewhere. I see London’s future as a global test-bed city for civic innovation, where the best ideas are developed, amplified and scaled.

    “To solve the biggest problems our great city faces, I am calling for an ever-more collaborative approach than ever. We need our public services, major universities and technology community to mobilise their resources in new ways and partner with us to make London a fairer and more prosperous place.”