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    MASMOVIL chooses Ericsson as main supplier for 5G core


    Ericsson will upgrade Grupo MASMOVIL’s core network in Spain with 5G Standalone technology.

    The project to evolve MASMOVIL Group’s to 5G standalone includes deployingds Ericsson’s dual-mode 5G Core, its Cloud Native Infrastructure, Cloud IMS, automated CI/CD, Ericsson Orchestrator, CENX Service Assurance and 5G Managed Services.

    Ericsson says new core will help MASMOVIL to introduce 5G quickly and while maintaining and expanding existing services. The new core allows the operator to expose capabilities to a partner’s ecosystem to facilitate business innovation, taking care of security and separating the capabilities from the underlying complexities of the infrastructure.

    5G build out

    Grupo MASMOVIL offers 5G services in more than 300 municipalities across all Spanish provinces and in the next few days will expand the coverage of new services enabled by the core.

    Earlier this year long-running rumours of a merger with Vodafone España were reported in the Spanish press as well as Grupo MASMOVIL being interested in acquiring the regional operator Euskaltel.

    Meinrad Spenger, CEO MASMOVIL Group, says, “We will work with Ericsson to make MASMOVIL one of the most advanced 5G operators. We believe in innovation and virtualized and secure networks to be able to offer our customers the best services on the fastest and most modern networks in the market.”

    Massive scale

    José Antonio López Muñoz, Head of Ericsson Spain, says: “Our growing partnership with MASMOVIL is helping them to increase their future service capacity on a massive scale. Their selection of the Ericsson portfolio to implement their growth and evolution plans is a great example of how our best-in-class 5G technologies can be effectively used to evolve and transform existing core networks.”