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    Matrixx AWS Outpost cuts BS from BSS


    How Matrixx unblocks the money stream for mobile operators

    Monetising expert Matrixx Software has validated its digital commerce system on Amazon Web Services (AWS) Outposts and attained AWS Outposts ready designation, as part of the AWS Service Ready Program. This solves an unanticipated problem for mobile network operators (MNOs) that embrace the cloud: keeping up with the endless changes involved when cloud systems are in a constant state of flux and there are so many options to chose from. It’s like having a shop with thousands of items whose prices change by the hour and whose portfolio is constantly evolving.


    “Even when they use similar toolsets, every cloud platform is fundamentally different in terms of its architecture, operation and performance,” said Jennifer Kyriakakis, founder and chief marketing officer at Matrixx Software. “MNOs considering AWS Outposts for their BSS infrastructure need to have confidence that their vendors’ systems can get the best out of AWS. The validation announcement is intended to give that confidence.”


    If the parameters of revenue streams are constantly moving, then the flow could be restricted or even blocked. Matrixx’s job is to keep all these vessels as dilated as possible. The problem for MNOs is that legacy infrastructure makes the job of packaging and delivering products and services incredibly inefficient. “They can’t experiment rapidly, or with any kind of cost-effectiveness, because everything has to be customised,” said Kyriakakis, “this is both expensive and time-consuming. That stifles efforts to innovate and experiment and results in commercial rigidity.”

    Global carriers

    In its AWS release, Matrixx said being on AWS Outposts offers a new way for global carriers to get the benefits of its high-performance, instant monetising service shaped around their hybrid and edge cloud needs. Together they can help MNOs to develop, scale and monetise new products and services based on each MNO’s needs. Matrixx on AWS Outposts is currently being used by a multinational carrier for 4G/5G/fixed monetisation of consumer and enterprise services. 


    Matrixx gives MNOs the commercial dexterity they need, it said. The no-code configuration of its systems make it easy and cost-effective for a telco’s commercial teams to operate more like a modern digital tech company. “The investment costs of both time and money, two essential keys to unblocking new revenue, go away entirely. Commercial teams are free to experiment, segment and invent to grow new revenue streams,” said Kyriakakis.


    “CSPs are paying to license our constantly-evolving and improving product as the monetisation layer for their IT infrastructure,” said Kyriakakis. “Today’s telco monetization strategies have largely been restricted to three parameters – messages, megabytes, and minutes. As a result, the commercial offerings themselves have been quite limited and remain largely unchanged.” Matrixx has changed that by granting MNOs the license to dream, reimagining the value chain itself so they have a dream team of partners and new products and services can be delivered to customers.


    “At one extreme this might mean moving into entirely new markets like FinTech, which we’re seeing a lot of operators explore. Or at the simplest level, this might mean repackaging products and services as data included to bypass the traditional buying cycle entirely.,” said Kyriakakis. Matrixx doesn’t just get money flowing with new products and services, it seeks to find new ways of cashing in on existing products and services. Marketplaces offering premium services are an example, whether telco-centric, selling things like speed passes or tethered device permissions, or ecosystem wide, selling access to apps and services, like Duolingo or Fortnite, that are partners.

    Value add

    Then on the value-add side, innovative sharing and gifting strategies can deliver the greater value that can help improve customer loyalty and stop defections. “Party Pay from Visible is a great example of sharing in the real world.” said Kyriakakis, “the net result is a new approach to commercialisation.” 

    Problem solved

    MNOs increasingly want providers like AWS to help realise key benefits of the cloud – like elasticity, scalability and reliability – for their operations. What they don’t realise is they need a Matrixx, said the vendor. With its cloud-native, microservices-based design, Matrixx gives MNOs the time to tune and manage the size and efficiency of their BSS infrastructure and maybe get better returns on their cloud investments, it said.