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    Matrixx Software and Blue Planet promise to show CSPs the money


    Shaking money makers in core, at edge and on cloud

    Merchandising specialist Matrixx Software is working with Ciena-owned Blue Planet to solve the unceasing challenge that befuddles 5G operators – how do you create services somebody will pay for and account for them accurately enough to create an acceptable charging regime? Their latest invention is an automated system that can dynamically orchestrate the breadth of services being processed in the core, at the mobile edge and across the cloud and matching them to the consumption by everyone from mobile gamers to construction companies. Ultimately, it promises to monetise comms services.

    The Blue Planet-Matrixx union can orchestrate the computing resources offered by multi-access edge computing (MEC), network and cloud and configure their connections to services ranging from mobile gaming by consumers to the use of commercial construction equipment by enterprises, say the vendors of the system. All this is achieved by multi-party charging and revenue sharing across business-to-business-to-everything (B2B2X) value chains.

    The ’monetising solution’, in short, effortlessly configures 5G and edge networks across all the multiples of possible variations there will be, matching applications to computing instances and accounting on the fly. This dynamism is needed because the new business models between telcos and enterprises will need more flexibility and transparency than is available now, according to Marc Price, CTO of Matrixx Software. “The joint solution can dynamically orchestrate and charge at scale,” said Price, and this is a critical faculty for 5G standalone networks and cloud computing. “We share a commitment to help CSPs deliver new revenue streams as they deliver increasingly complex digital experiences to customers.”

    The partners demonstrated the system at Digital Transformation World where it was billed as one of the new Supercharged Edge-Aware Marketplaces. The system was built by unifying Blue Planet’s intelligent automation and orchestration with Matrixx’s instant monetization. This created a dynamic system that matches 5G experiences to the CSPs’ network and edge applications for optimized outcomes, said Kailem Anderson, Vice President for Portfolio and Engineering at Blue Planet. “Our combined solution creates the flexibility and size needed to provide the smooth, real-time experiences that customers expect.”

    The Matrixx and Blue Planet solution is available now.