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    Mavenir to deliver 5G solutions on AWS


    The firm is a proponent of Open RAN and is adding telco-specific tools to the platform as a service.

    Mavenir is to support deployments and integration of cloud-native network functions with infrastructure solutions via Amazon Web Services. (AWS).

    Mavenir claims this collaboration with AWS will allow operators to deploy its 4G and 5G products and applications with AWS’s computing infrastructure, container deployment and management technologies, plus big data analytics services.

    The solution is designed to scale and leverages the same tools and technologies offered by AWS to enterprise applications – platform as a service, in other words.

    Mavenir says its offer translates to offloading some of telco applications’ “business” to cloud functions in a bid to cut complexity and put operators at par with other organisations that benefit from the cost savings gained by cloud migrations without losing insight, performance, and control on their networks.

    Savings not guaranteed

    Some care is needed with this: as a recent TM Forum research report pointed out, so far operators have not reaped the cost benefits they expected from their cloud migrations, although their shift to cloud native is in its very early days.

    Also, operators currently favour hybrid (the combination of public and private cloud) citing security as their top priority.

    Ecosystem app play

    Another element of Mavenir’s collaboration with AWS is the enablement of private networks and edge deployments on AWS, supported by Mavenir’s Digital Enablement platform.

    It offers a digital app store for enterprise and various industry 4.0 applications such as IVA, AR/VR, IIoT and robotics control. Mavenir’s Edge AI application suite aims to being together an ecosystem of developers, service providers, partners, and enterprises to create and deploy applications in AWS to power digitalisation and industry 4.0 with 5G.

    The aim is to shorten network deployment time and reduce cost for mobile operators and enterprises equally, fulfilling use cases of either adding 5G and edge capabilities to an existing network or a greenfield 4G/5G network launch leveraging public clouds.

    Mavenir’s list of what it says are its unique capabilities for 4G and 5G deployments on AWS can be found here.