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    Mergers grounded by out of shape data claims FlightPath inventor Dufrain


    Telcos waste millions moving files in no condition for a journey

    Data migrations could get a lot simpler and cheaper for telcos and they diversify and digitise, according to data consultancy Dufrain. It claims its newly launched FlightPath, is so customisable that telcos can save £10,000 for each data source moved from its original silo to a more openly accessible storage space. 

    Only 36% of data migration projects keep to budget and only 46% are delivered on deadline, according to Durfrain’s sources at Forbes. In 2022, Statista forecasts that global spending on digital transformation will reach $1.8 trillion. Unless they speed up the data migration, telcos with massive legacy systems are particularly at risk of going over budget or falling behind the digital transformation schedule they gave to the shareholders. Often the unstructured data is very unhealthy and in no condition for the long journey involved in migration to the cloud.

    Flightpath expedites data migration programmes so that businesses can grow, or get themselves ready for mergers and acquisitions, says the vendor. Digital transformation is essential, whether a telco is preparing  to sell new services or sell itself, the vendor claims.  “The sooner a business can use all available data during these processes , by consolidating it all into one accurate source, the sooner it can drive growth and optimise costs,” said a release.

    FlightPath was designed for the telecoms sector, according to Dufrain MD Joseph George. Telcos will need accurate data tell them which regions to target for development, to help customers and drive growth. “When the pandemic hit, many firms accelerated digital transformation plans to enable efficient, effective working by migrating their business’s data from legacy systems to the cloud. The problem is the average data migration programme is slow, expensive and [dysbraxic]. Many businesses struggle with an inefficient process that is weighed down by high technical resource costs,” said George.

    Flightpath is built on open-source enterprise technology, can be hosted by Dufrain, or in-house, and connecting to any API or data source. It logs and audits data and calculates the cheapest way to run unstructured data management services that pave the way for a complete migration process, according to George.

    Telcos need an accessible tool for controlling data migration from end to end. By reducing the technical resource and making it cheaper to move data from an original source to a new location, FlightPath allows companies to take control of their data and improve their capacity to deliver smooth mergers and timely acquisitions,” said George.