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    Metismo joins forces with paythru to deliver clients in-app payments


    Cross platform technology provider and mobile applications developer Metismo has forged a partnership with mobile payments specialist, paythru, to provide its clients with the ability to take payments in-app.

    The partnership means consumers will be able to pay for goods, services or upgrades without having to leave a Metismo developed mobile app. So, for example, if a customer wants to top up a game fee, or upgrade from a free app to a paid service, or access pay-walled content from a news service via an app, they can do so without having to go through a separate payment site and risk degrading the app experience.

    Plus, the app owner keeps control of the payment process and the customer relationship: by, for example, distributing a free app direct to customers, with an option to upgrade or pay for further use.

    paythru’s highly secure mobile payments platform, allows consumers to spend what they want, when they want, where they want, through any internet enabled mobile phone and using any bank or credit card.  paythru is the only mobile payment platform that is Level 1 PCI DSS compliant, delivering the same standard of security as retail bank and card issuers, protecting both merchants and customers Metismo’s Bedrock rapid production environment and device database enables companies to prototype, develop and target apps to hundreds of handsets quickly and easily. Its cross compiler converts  Java source code to human readable C++, simultaneously deploying app to mobiles; Apple iPhone; Android; BREW; Symbian; Blackberry and Windows Mobile; handhelds; Sony PSP and Nintendo DS, and the web with HTML5 or Flash.

    Commenting on the partnership; John Chasey, CEO, Metismo, said: “Many companies come to mobile apps through Apple’s iPhone, as it is relatively simple to implement.  But having got a taste for the opportunities mobile offers they want to move onto all of the available mobile platforms, and integrate with their web presence.  As experts in multi-platform app development we needed a mobile payments partner that can work cross mobile platforms and integrate with the web.  paythru meets both of these criteria and is highly secure so is the ideal partner for Metismo.”

    Keith Brown, managing director, paythru, added; “Metismo and paythru make a great partnership.  We are both focussed on making mobile communications and commerce as easy as possible.  The Bedrock development environment allows companies to develop apps for multiple platforms simultaneously and as our in-app payment service works on all smart phones and on all bank cards we are an excellent fit.”