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    Microcar maker takes a big step into 5G manufacturing with Vodafone and Ericsson


    e.GO Mobile’s new, private network goes live at its Aachen complex, enabled by Ericsson and Vodafone Deutschland.

    5G is running in e.GO’s Factory 1 where its e.GO Life model is produced.

    The 5G runs on an Ericsson private networks solution, which the company says spans a 5G core and New Radio powered by Ericsson’s 5G platform.

    New production

    It is designed to deliver secure and near real-time networking across the production chain.

    This extends from digital management of materials to control of autonomous vehicles.

    The companies say network slicing and mobile edge computing are inherent in the network which comprises 36 antennas in the 8,500sq meter facility.

    The network provides gigabit bandwidth and latency “of just a few milliseconds”.

    Small cells, Ericsson Radio Dots, will be installed by the end of August.

    Managing production materials

    Secure, automatic identification and delivery of production materials to each vehicle as it progresses through the assembly process replaces the traditional production line.

    Autonomous vehicles move the cars in production from one station to the next better to streamline operations.

    In time, autonomous forklifts and small trains will come into use to moves materials from where they are stored to the manufacturing floor.

    Günther Schuh, CEO, e.GO Mobile, claims the 5G network will deliver faster and more reliable production with access to relevant information at all times.

    “The assembly plant for e.GO Life is a true Industry 4.0 factory,” he said

    “In other words, it is fully networked in terms of information technology. Connectivity links the physical and the digital world.”

    Data fuels car manufacture

    Hannes Ametsreiter, Head of Vodafone Germany, added, “Our automotive industry needs a fast network directly where the newest and most innovative cars are built.

    “Data is an important fuel for modern automobile production.”

    Arun Bansal, President and Head of Europe & Latin America, Ericsson, says: “5G is the key to opening the door to a new era in manufacturing productivity, speed, security and efficiency – and the automotive industry is a prime example of the beneficiaries.”