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    mimoOn announces first generation LTE femtocell mi!Spectrum Air Interface Scheduler


    mimoOn, a software defined radio (SDR) software company, today announced the first generation of it’s high-efficiency mi!Spectrum Femtocell LTE Air Interface Scheduler, now fully compliant with the new Femto Forum APIs for air interface scheduling and network monitoring.  By utilising the new Femto Forum API’s mi!Spectrum will reduce integration costs and time, accelerating development and deployment of femtocells for LTE.

    This new generation of QoS, CQI, and interference-aware air interface schedulers will significantly improve spectrum efficiency and minimize potential interference between macrocells and femtocells. Detailed specification of the new schedulers will be released in December 2010. The mi!Spectrum schedulers will run on mimoOn’s own mi!Femto stack, as well as any other vendor’s stack supporting the FemtoForum Scheduler / NMM APIs.

    Thomas Kaiser, mimoOn CEO, said: “The new mimoOn mi!Spectrum Scheduler and mi!Femto Stack will enable operators to achieve significant gains in Femto and Macro network spectrum efficiency.  mimoOn has chaired the Scheduler API and NMM API specification work in FemtoForum, which greatly helped us to be one of the first companies launching products compliant with the new APIs.”

    Willem Mulder, mimoOn VP IP & Standards, added: “New degrees of freedom in the LTE OFDMA air interface have enabled us not only to significantly improve spectrum efficiency, but also minimize potential interference between macro- and femto networks.”