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    Mobileye choses IoT from Orange Business Services to improve road safety


    The global partnership could help lower insurance costs, monitor infrastructure for cities and utilities, create accurate maps and help plan smart cities.

    Orange Business Services will provide IoT support for the  Mobileye 8 Connect, which ‘sees’ the road ahead through a camera lens. The two will work together in Europe, US and Asia.

    The system can be retrofitted to most vehicles. Mobileye, which is part of Intel, said Mobileye 8 Connect provides drivers with collision-avoidance technology.

    Multi-sourced data

    It draws data from drivers’ behaviour and the environmental to provide real-time alerts such as recognising pedestrians in poor light. The idea is to reduce accidents and should mean that drivers, and organisations that employ, pay lower premiums (see graphic below).

    Mobileye claims that, working with Orange Business Systems, its product will make roads safer and provide municipalities and utilities with data they need to monitor infrastructure and plan for smarter cities.

    It is also a step towards autonomous vehicles.

    Map making

    Mobileye 8 Connect will contribute to the creation of high definition maps, identifying static infrastructure, such as manhole covers, telephone poles and lamp posts, as well as dynamic (changing) data, including open parking spaces, traffic congestion and potholes.

    The onboard camera collects data for both autonomous vehicle mapping and to benefit cities and companies with the maintenance and mapping of infrastructure and utilities.

    Orange Business Services’ has more than 500 roaming agreements with local providers to give Mobileye’s customers “seamless, local connectivity within and between countries”.

    Mobileye 8 Connect is said to comply with GDPR the data collected being anonymous or anonymised, so there are “no inherent issues with data privacy”.

    Orange Business Services also provides a single, centralised platform for SIM management to simplify reporting and customer support.

    European customers

    Spain’s Directorate General of Transport plans to use the technology to enhance road safety and prepare for autonomous vehicles.

    The city of Dusseldorf in Germany has also used Mobileye 8 Connect to evaluate the city’s infrastructure and its suitability for autonomous and connected cars.