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    Movius launches next generation conferencing for mobiles and tablet PCs at Mobile World Congress


    Movius, a specialist in unified communication services, today unveiled the worldwide launch of its latest conferencing portfolio for mobile network operators – giving them advanced and user-friendly video and audio options to suit business customers with equipment ranging from the latest 4G/LTE-ready devices to standard mobiles.

    This latest multimedia conferencing capability builds on Movius’ current conferencing solutions by providing a charging-enabled feature to address the needs of pre-pay customers. At the same time, this latest release is designed to be easy to deploy for the growing number of 4G client and mobile web users. This makes it both simple to use and conveniently accessible to a greater share of the carrier’s customer base.
    “Movius multimedia conferencing will bring audio and video conferencing out of the boardroom and corporate world and into the streets, the playgrounds and the living rooms of consumers and business users everywhere,” said Movius President and CEO Dominic Gomez.
    “By bringing conferencing options to the mobile device in an easy-to-use way, we see massive potential for network operators across the world – from the most advanced markets where people are using smartphones and carrying tablet PCs – to developing markets where the mobile is the only device most people have as their entry into the network – so they want it to do as much as possible for them.
    “We believe our development will help operators everywhere meet the needs of the growing mobile enterprise market.”
    Movius research and development teams have targeted these two parts of the market – the bandwidth-rich 3G and soon to be 4G/LTE world, littered with smart phones and new devices such as tablet PCs – and the developing markets, where many people possess just a single mobile handset. This enables bringing a large untapped user base into the communication and collaboration ecosystem with their preferred and most convenient means of communication.
    “In advanced markets, we see simple-to-use video conferencing appealing to the younger market and also among young professionals, while in developing markets simply the ability to conference for the first time should appeal to both consumers and businesses,” said Gomez.
    “The corporate world will remain the domain of the studio quality conferencing facility but at the same time the growth of video as a day-to-day medium, the increase in bandwidth availability and the rise of the smartphone are all combining to create the true ‘mass market’ reach for conferencing for the very first time.”
    The Movius multimedia conferencing solution provides a real-time audio and video experience that is browser-based and doesn’t require any client to be installed on the tablet PC or other end-user device.