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    MTS opens up infrastructure to rivals


    MTS is renting out its infrastructure to rivals and called for companies to apply to use equipment on its towers.

    The Russian operator has said it wants to rent out space on its towers and antenna support structures. It is also opening up its fibre-optic lines to communications providers, with MTS one of the biggest owners of such lines in Russia.

    MTS has created a special centralised unit to deal with renting out its tower infrastructure. The first stage of the MTS’s new infrastructure plan will see 5,500 existing towers and antenna support structures opened up to rivals. It said this infrastructure is ready for telecommunications and “other types” of equipment to be installed.

    Andrey Ushatsky, Vice-President of MTS on Technology and IT, said: “The rental market of antenna towers in Russia has been actively evolving. As we are diversifying our business, we announce that we are ready to offer our facilities for rent for any tenant. In the first phase, we are prepared to rent more than 5,500 towers in operation and our further development in this field will depend upon the mix of the demand from potential partners and our technical capabilities.

    “Today we are pleased to invite all the interested organisations and agencies to partner with MTS for mutually beneficial cooperation. Our business-model allow us to provide potential tenants with favourable financial conditions. We would also like to announce that for our partners’ added convenience, we have devised a simple contract structure that does not require long-term obligations, additional fees for access to infrastructure, penalties for early termination and other factors that potential tenants will find attractive.”

    MTS said it would reexamine its new strategy at the end of this year and potentially open up additional infrastructure for rent if the demand is there.