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    MTS to Implement Pontis’ Contextual Marketing


    Pontis has announced that its Marketing Delivery Platform (MDP) has been implemented by Mobile TeleSystems (MTS), a leading telecommunications group in Russia, Eastern Europe and Central Asia. The Pontis MDP, combined with Pontis’ marketing services and operational responsibility, will provide tens of millions mobile customers in Russia with relevant and personalised offers in context. The system integrated by MTS has already been implemented within MTS’ customer care and business ecosystem and will focus on the company’s Below-the-Line marketing activity in real-time.

    Pontis’ technology, combined with the unique technological solution provided by the Pontis MDP™, allows MTS to adapt marketing offers to each customer, based on individual real-time behavioural patterns and ever changing state, providing each customer with relevant offers. This results in increased customer loyalty and significant impact on Customers’ profitability.

    Natalia McPherson, Director of CBM, MTS, said, “We aim to lead the market in delivering the best services to our customers, ensuring they get the best offers. For that reason we selected Pontis to help us enhance the dialogue with our customers and have the ability to approach each one with personalised offers in the most relevant time. Pontis provides not only a platform but rather a comprehensive service improving our offering and enhancing customer profitability and loyalty.”

    Deployed at multiple tier-1 mobile and TV operator sites around the world, the Pontis solution and services leverages accumulated and real-time data about end users’ behaviour and usage patterns to create personalised marketing offers. The solution allows operators to apply a comprehensive customer- based marketing strategy and enhance customer satisfaction.

    The Pontis solution is implemented as a managed service, with Pontis’ responsibility for technology, marketing consultancy, implementation of marketing plans, and on-going operation and IT support. An integral part of this offering is the Pontis Marketing Success Program, which leverages the market expertise and industry knowledge through best practices, support services and on-going consultation.

    Alon Werber VP Marketing Consultancy Pontis added, “We are delighted to serve as MTS’ partner and are confident that our solution will drive growth based on our unique technology and associated marketing experience. The cooperation as a team from day one helped us launch the system effectively and integrate successfully in only four months”.