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    MWC in Pictures – Joyn, chips, food injections and polari


    What’s that in the distance? Why, it looks like Joyn, the RCS-e brandmark officially announced today, but leaked in the Spanish press last month.

    I wish I could catch up with it. Nope, looks like it’s receding again. Oh well, perhaps we’ll meet again at the end of June.






    This is Cavium’s OCTEON Fusion, a multi-core “Base Station-on-a-Chip” integrating up to six MIPS64(R) cores with 8 LTE/3G Baseband Digital Signal Processing (DSP) core, and featuring Radisys’ Trillium software. It’s very, very small. (Also pictured, some truly, really, execrable shorthand)





    In the GSMA’s Connected House on the Central Courtyard, they hope you will be alive in the future. AT&T’s Glenn Lurie went one better (or one worse?) and told us that for AT&T the connected home is already here, so it’s a living present. Thank goodness for that.





    There was some interesting, but very welcome food and drink available at the Connected House press event. They are literally injecting food into other food in the connected home of the future. There’s an expo on in Barcelona in honour of El Bulli’s Adria Ferran at the moment. Perhaps this is a small homage to the great man.

    Meanwhile the water was for Polari speakers only, or not, depending on your preference.