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    MWC – Mobile enterprise the next big growth area, says Movius


    Exciting new applications, converging technologies and the arrival of 4G/LTE networks will create major growth potential for carriers in the mobile enterprise market. That was the message given yesterday at the opening of the Mobile World Congress by Dominic Gomez, the CEO of unified messaging company Movius Interactive Corporation.

    Gomez said that applications such as easy to use audio and videoconferencing and multi-line mobile devices would be just the tip of the iceberg in terms of creating opportunities for mobile operators looking to increase their enterprise revenues.

    “We work with over 200 carriers around the world and we know that they are looking to boost revenues from the mobile enterprise space,” said Gomez.

    “With more and more people across the world utilising the freedom offered by smart devices and tablet PCs to work remotely, the time is absolutely right to increase that flexibility with solutions that not only help them to work smarter but to play smarter too.”

    Gomez was talking as Movius – which works in more than 70 countries worldwide – launched a new multimedia conferencing capability which builds on its current conferencing offering and allows operators to offer a pre-pay charging-enabled feature while at the same time is designed to be easy to deploy via 4G clients or the web.

    “Young professionals want the ability to conference both easily and on the move and as they advance their positions within their organisations they will have this need more and more – creating further opportunities for operators within the business environment,” said Gomez.

    Movius also unveiled the latest version of its highly successful Side-Line Service which allows operators to boost ARPU and reduce churn by offering customers multiple lines on a single device. Gomez sees this as an excellent opportunity for mobile enterprise, both in developing markets where small business entrepreneurs can now run separate businesses from a single device, to advanced markets where people will find it easier to keep their business and social lives separate.

    “These are exciting times for carriers who are looking to embrace the opportunities of mobile enterprise. Together, we have a real opportunity to simplify communications and lower costs for an increasingly mobile workforce,” concluded Gomez.