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    MWC – Tektronix enhances Spectra2 test platform


    Tektronix Communications, a worldwide provider of Network Intelligence and communications test solutions, has announced the release 7.2 of the Spectra2 protocol test product line. The single, powerful platform integrates functional, stress, conformance and interoperability testing, Quality of Service measurement and monitoring, and includes Diameter, SIP and media enhancements.

    With the rapid evolution of communication networks and mass adoption of broadband wireless, carriers and Internet Service Providers are seeking a reliable and efficient solution to test media, services, policies, and capacities of their products.  The Diameter protocol is emerging as a core component of the NGN by providing support for AAA, Policy, Services and Charging.  The availability of a comprehensive, efficient Diameter test suite enables NGN-based services or application developers and testers to bring their products and services to market quicker.

    “As the only multi-user product of its kind that can test both PSTN and NGN technologies in a single software application, Spectra2 has been leveraged by  hundreds of NEMs and operators worldwide for reliable, cost-effective network testing,” said Richard Kenedi, VP and General Manager, Test & Optimization, Tektronix Communications. “Release 7.2 of Spectra2 showcases our company’s investment in supporting the test needs of network equipment manufacturers, operators and application developers, allowing a faster and more reliable launch of new communications services above and beyond voice.”

    Features of release 7.2 include:

     a.. Diameter Ro/Gy: The 7.2 release extends the Diameter test portfolio with support for Ro/Gy (On-line Charging), which facilitates testing of on-line billing functions that require real-time credit control, facilitating revenue collection by providing documentation and audit trail for SLA management and credit dispute.

      a.. Diameter Rx: The Spectra2 Diameter test portfolio includes the Diameter Rx interface which resides between the Policy & Charging Rules Function (PCRF) and Application Function (AF).  The Rx interface is used to enable the transport of application level session information for differentiated charging, policy control and media/application bandwidth requirements. 

      a.. Secure-RTP/RTCP: Release 7.2 of Spectra2 supports the testing of Secure RTP/RTCP (SRTP/SRTCP) media interfaces through the emulation of elements such as a MGW or a SIP UA.  SRTP/SRTCP provides for secure encapsulation of a media stream to protect it from interception and piracy.

      a.. Double Media Capacity: Through software enhancements, Spectra2 has doubled its available media capacity. Depending on the hardware configuration, existing customers can double their media capacity without the need to add additional hardware. For new Spectra2 customers, this creates a lower cost entry point to add capacity media testing.

      a.. SIP Enhancements: Spectra2 now supports the capability of “mid-call codec change,” which allows advanced media scenario testing that involves a mid-call change in the media codec. This feature enables voice or media based services like voicemail or directory services that might forward or transfer a call to an alternate location.

      a.. Spectra2 supports emerging technologies, IMS, TISPAN, NGN, Fixed-Mobile Convergence as well as VoIP and legacy communications technologies, including PSTN/SS7 and ISDN. By maintaining a variety of Diameter interfaces, Spectra2 can be utilized concurrently with other protocols such as TCAP or SIP.