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    MWC – Gemalto Launches Protiva One Time Password Application for Mobile Users


    Gemalto, a specialist in digital security, has introduced Protiva Mobile OTP, a convenient, secure and cost-effective new way for businesses and their employees to deploy two-factor authentication, simply using their mobile phones. The new solution is part of Gemalto’s Protiva Strong Authentication family, which encompasses the validation server and a range of Protiva authentication application software and authentication devices that allow businesses to choose the solution that best fits their needs. One Time Password (OTP) replaces static passwords with strong authentication and provides a convenient additional level of security for transactions and access control.

    Protiva Mobile OTP works with the popular handset platforms used in business today, including Blackberry, iPhone, including the handsets running Java, Windows CE and Brew. Employees simply need to download Gemalto’s secure app onto their mobile phone, which is setup to immediately generate and receive OTPs using the phone as the interaction and computing device.

    Combining the mobile credential with their username and one-time-password grants employees the appropriate access to company resources such as a VPN, intranet, mail directory, digital signature, mail and Web pages. Protiva Mobile OTP is simple for IT administrators to deploy and provision, and is compatible with the majority of industry-leading IT infrastructure elements.

    “Mobility and security are two of the fundamental drivers shaping the way businesses are run today,” said François Lasnier, Senior Vice President of Online Authentication at Gemalto. “Protiva Mobile OTP provides a convenient and effective way for businesses of any size to deploy secure access to their network with minimal investment and change to their IT infrastructure.”