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    NaaS demystified: Unlock the full potential of Network as a Service


    Operators typically spend 80% of budget on integration & routine ops, leaving very little to invest in new innovative services and technologies.

    In a platform economy, innovation counts above all else. This this puts communications service providers (CSPs) at a distinct disadvantage.

    One reason for this disproportionate spending is that, traditionally, network domains and operational processes are tightly coupled, which requires that all new network elements be integrated with the Business and Operations Support System (B/OSS). Given that most CSPs maintain dozens of such systems, this results in significant cost and complexity.

    Another factor is the reliance on manual involvement in routine operational processes. Technicians must access the B/OSS to gather the information they need to design and activate services. This adds cost to service fulfillment and limits scale.

    In addition to high OpEx, the impact of this complexity is evident in excruciatingly slow time to market for new services (18 months is the norm) and lengthy service fulfillment processes.

    Reversing the ratio

    Implementing Network as a Service (NaaS) can help CSPs overcome these challenges and reverse the 80:20 spending ratio.

    NaaS simplifies operations, streamlines new technology and service adoption, and enables cloud-like network experiences such as on-demand service activation, customer self-service, and subscription-based consumption models.

    In short, NaaS simplifies network and operations transformation simultaneously.

    Busting the myths

    The full scope and potential of NaaS is often overlooked, however. There are four common misconceptions:
    1.    NaaS is simply a way to deliver virtualized business services.
    2.    NaaS involves OSS transformation only.
    3.    NaaS is the same as Software-Defined Networking (SDN).
    4.    NaaS is a futuristic, pie-in-the-sky vision.

    This eBook debunks each of these myths and shows how CSPs, their partners and customers can benefit today from this open and standards-based technology.

    Download the free eBook, NaaS Demystified, to dispel common myths about NaaS, so you can unlock the full potential of an agile, open and innovative NaaS strategy today.

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