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    NEC launches 5G ready millimetre backhaul solution


    NEC has launched a new millimetre wave radio capable of 10GBps transmission rates, which it said it was targeting at LTE-Advanced and 5G networks.

    The system uses the E-band, between 71 and 86GHz, giving operators high transmission capacity and low latencies.

    NEC said its iPASOLINK EX is able to adjust its modulation method and communication bandwidth to adapt to changing applications, weather and communication distance. It added the product allows operators to ensure high quality networks amid poor weather conditions.

    The new product is 30 percent smaller than NEC’s other microwave backhaul solutions, which it said would lead to lower costs in site acquisition and installation.

    The product also has a 10GBps ethernet interface, allowing operators to transmit data via optical fibre through to core networks.

    Yuzo Kurokami, Assistant General Manager, Mobile Wireless Solutions Division, NEC Corporation, said: “In the upcoming 5G world, mobile services and applications are expected to become more sophisticated and diverse. This will require mobile networks to efficiently handle larger capacity traffic than ever before. The new product meets these demands, and enables mobile operators to deliver higher quality network services and an enhanced user experience.

    “We are offering the new product not only for use in mobile backhaul and fronthaul applications, but also for a wide range of other networks demanding high levels of reliability.”