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    New approaches to Network & Service Orchestration for the 5G era – Interview with Sue Rudd of Strategy Analytics


    Discover the critical role of end-to-end network & service orchestration in dramatically simplifying operations and enabling innovative services.

    In this video, Sue Rudd, Director Networks and Service Platforms at Strategy Analytics is in discussion with Annie Turner, Editor of Mobile Europe & European Communications. Sue shares her insights including:

    – The challenge of increasing complexity facing service providers with the advent of 5G and the cloud 

    – A definition of End-to-End Network and Service Orchestration (E2ENSO) and its role in addressing complexity and increasing integration – Real-world use cases where E2ENSO adds value – multi-domain, nulti-Cloud network slicing for private networks hosted at a cloud hyperscaler, and managed SD-WAN and security services

    – An outline of the critical capabilities of End-to-End Network and Service Orchestration 

    For more information on E2ENSO read this dedicated Strategy Analytics whitepaper published on the Amdocs website: New approaches address end-to-end network and service orchestration (E2ENSO) challenges

    Learn why End-to End Network and Service Orchestration is becoming a critical necessity for operators who want to bring new services to market faster, deliver them with lower operating costs and better CAPEX utilization, and still improve customer satisfaction. 

    This video is sponsored by Amdocs