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    New ultra-slim ZTE device boasts “smart antenna”


    ZTE’s latest flagship smartphone, the Nubia Z7, includes a third generation “smart antenna” that delivers high data rates and longer battery life. 

    The Cavendish Kinetics SmarTune antenna can be tuned across all 2G, 3G and 4G LTE frequencies in China, from 850MHz up to 2.7GHz, and is only two square millimetres in size. ZTE said it has chosen Cavendish’s product because of its size and ability to fit into the smartphone, which is only 8.9 millimetres thick.

    Paul Dal Santo, CEO of Cavendish Kinetics, said: “Our revolutionary SmarTune antenna tuning solution controls the electrical characteristics of the antenna and optimises its performance by shifting its resonating frequency, so that it is always optimally matched to the operating frequency.

    “This enabled nubia to design its Z7 flagship with a smaller antenna while achieving a level of radio performance previously reserved for much larger structures.”

    Ni Fei, CEO of nubia, added: “The nubia Z7 smartphone is the most innovative design on the market. One of these innovations is the use of Cavendish Kinetics’ SmarTune antenna tuning solution, which allowed our designers to enable the radio performance of our flagship smartphone to deliver unparalleled data rates and battery life.”

    Meanwhile, the manufacturer and vendor is showcasing its smart city products at the Gulf Information Technology Exhibition, which is being held in Dubai this week.

    ZTE said it sees opportunities within four areas: life, business, education and entertainment. It will hold live demonstrations of its smart transportation and online education products.

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