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    NGMN Alliance to assess drivers and vision for 6G


    The Next Generation Mobile Networks (NGMN) board has launched a 6G project, while continuing its 5G efforts.

    NGMN published the first 5G White Paper in 2015, which helped pave the way for standardising 5G and its commercialisation. A second 5G White Paper (5GWP2) followed in July 2020.

    The new 6G Vision and Drivers project is designed to provide early and timely direction for global activities around the next generation. 

NGMN will facilitate an information exchange within its internal partnership and with relevant external stakeholders. 

    Arash Ashouriha, SVP Group Technology Innovation, Deutsche Telekom and the new Chairman of the Board of NGMN said, “As we continue to implement and…develop 5G to maximize the benefit of its potential, our goal as NGMN is to remain at the forefront of next generation mobile networks. It is…essential that we start anticipating the future societal needs and elaborate the drivers for mobile communications in the future.”