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    NGMN publishes second white paper, launches new 5G projects


    Based on the conclusions of the white paper, the Next Generation Mobile Networks (NGMN) Alliance has kicked off new projects.

    The original influential white paper on 5G was published by the Alliance in 2015 and laid out operators’ end-to-end requirements and was intended to guide the development of future technology platforms and related standards. This is the roadmap it set out.

    Emmanuel Lugagne Delpon (pictured – read recent interview with him on AI and data analytics), SVP at Orange Labs Networks and Chair of the Alliance, said in a short introductory video that the first white paper remained relevant, and noted the progress of standardisation and spectrum awards and innovations on fixed access and better broadband.

    He added that since the publication, hybrid cloud, service-based architecture, disaggregation, distribution of intelligence throughout the network, and AI-based operations have developed. Hence the second white paper focuses on new business and operational models and pinpoints some issues to address.

The biggest conclusion is that the industry must avoid fragmentation by adopting global standards with open, interoperable interfaces and APIs to gain agility and scalability.

Some other key issues highlighted in the second white paper are:
     •    Telcos needs a common platform architecture to support edge on a global scale
     •    Mobile operators are uniquely placed to provide a fully integrated solution for vertical industries that encompasses networks, clouds and platforms, with dynamic customisation, partnerships, end-to-end management, carrier-grade security and efficient spectrum use.
     •    Mobile operators and industries should increase their engagement to develop mutually-beneficial partnerships and business models to fulfil 5G’s potential.
     •    Greater focus is needed to improve energy efficiency, sustainability, social wellbeing, trust, and digital inclusion.

    Drawing on some of the challenges and actions identified in the white paper, the Alliance has launched two projects: Future Networks Cloud Native Platform, to create a holistic view on how network cloudification should be exploited, and Future Green Networks, to drive energy efficiency and carbon footprint reduction.