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    Nokia, DOCOMO hit 10GBps in 5G 4.9GHz trial


    Nokia Networks and NTT DOCOMO have turned their attention to sub 4.9GHz spectrum in a new research project exploring 5G technology.

    Both companies have been looking at how sub-6GHz frequency can deliver throughputs of 10GBps and low latencies. This trial will focus on the 4.4-4.9GHz band.

    Other areas of the trial will concentrate on licence assisted access with frequency in the 5.47-5.725GHz band, as well as showing how LTE can work with sub-GHz, cmWave and mmWave technologies, by using Nokia’s Single RAN Advanced hardware.

    Nokia set up and R&D and Innovation Centre in Tokyo in June, with 500 staff working on 5G and cloud-based products with a range of different operators.

    Takehiro Nakamura, Vice President and Managing Director of 5G laboratory, NTT DOCOMO, said: “We have been investigating a broad range of potential 5G technologies to be deployed in the 2020s. Meanwhile, we are also focused on laying a solid foundation for the targeted launch of our 5G network in 2020. In line with this vision, we take a further step by collaborating with Nokia Networks to explore the possibilities of 5G at below 6 GHz frequencies to deliver high performance, a solid coverage area and a truly unique service experience via our 5G network.”

    Niko Lalu, Vice President for HetRAN at Nokia Networks, added: “After showcasing high-speed data transmission in 5G, Nokia Networks and DOCOMO have now moved to the next level of strategic engagement with this agreement.”

    In March, both companies hit data transmission speeds of more than 2GBps by using the 70GHz band.