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    Nokia fits 5G, Infovista finesses, in new global pact


    Cloud based automated testing to speed project completion

    Network lifecycle automator Infovista has teamed with equipment maker Nokia to expedite 5G network rollouts across the globe. Infovista’s cloud-based, automatic tests can verify, optimise and benchmark any new 5G or legacy networks installed and managed by Nokia. The complexity of 5G and the environments it is placed in make multi-site testing a time and money drain. Infovista’s cloud-based tests let Nokia automate and centralise the management of its investigations. This streamlines backend reporting and frees Nokia engineers and service companies from manual drive testing and let them be much more productive elsewhere.  

    Site verifier

    As part of the global partnership, Nokia can use Infovista’s testing systems like the automatic single site verifier, the Automated SSV system. This predicts where to drive, what tests to perform and which hot spots and critical areas should be tested. It then conducts the network testing routine on its own. This automation of network testing processes obviates the tiresome and morale sapping trial and error system, prepares the network for use much quicker  and boost the efficiency of Nokia’s network deployments. 


    Infovista is giving its TEMS testing systems to Nokia so the equipment maker and network builder can centralize and automate the reporting and validation process and cut the number of failed drive tests that must be repeated. The cloud-based system saves Nokia the bother of maintaining dedicated servers and redundancy. It can reuse its licenses globally and use commercial off-the-shelf devices, boosting the efficiency of network testing. 

    Game changer

    Testing 5G networks is so complicated that you need to be a genius at machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) to keep on top of all the variables, according to said Faiq Khan, Infovista’s president of global networks. Meanwhile, operators are racing to build new sites, while trying to optimize and expand existing network coverage. “This new network testing approach is a gamechanger,” said Khan.

    Fine tune

    As part of the partnership, Nokia will have access to the latest AI/ML data-driven approaches and automation innovations in network testing, including Infovista’s Precision Drive Testing system, which powers use cases including network acceptance automation, fine tuning 5G planning propagation models, geolocated troubleshooting and proactive network health monitoring.