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    The surgery’s online, the doctor is Orange


    Orange Business Services’ Enovaco buys telemedic Exelus

    Orange Business Services (OBS) is to buy French telemedicine specialist Exelus to complement its health subsidiary Enovacom. 

    Exelus created Nomadeec, a system that provides ‘state-of-the-art tools’ for medics ranging for ‘on call’ medics ranging from district nurses, through paramedics to doctors. It provides a virtual clinic for remote consultations, assessments and care appointments. It can also be used for emergency telemedicine, such as triage by telephone or video, as well as the admin of electronic Patient Care Records. The benefits claimed are better regional cooperation and streamlined patient care pathways, which are achieved through simple and effective digital tools tailored to each user’s profile.

    Nomadeec is already used in 25% of emergency medical service organisations in France, 200 health and social care centres and 151 ambulance companies. The coverage has created a complete regional network that provides a single solution for all these new uses of telemedicine, according to OBS. This system will complement Enovacom’s portfolio of systems for healthcare professionals.

    With the weight of OBS behind it the system could be pushed further in France and extended abroad. Enovacom will apply the screen-side manner, through its telemedicine skills, while OBS will provide the venue, equipment and tools. OBS will triage the various calls across the network slices of 5G and the range of medical machinery attached to the Internet of Things. OBS will also provide the ‘infection control’ needed for cyber security, while theatre managing for interoperability and data security.  

    “Telemedicine is an essential part of the health system and we will benefit from the strength and expertise of the Orange Group,” said Xavier Maurin, CEO and Co-founder of Exelus. Their many synergies will accelerate the roll out of Nomadeec in France and abroad, Maurin said.

    “From within Orange Business Services, Enovacom will offer a unique telemedicine solution to the market,” says Laurent Frigara, Deputy CEO and Co-founder of Enovacom.