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    Noovle becomes TIM’s first ‘public benefit’ company


    Noovle is TIM’s cloud and edge services company.

    TIM says Noovle reflects the corporate goal of operateing in an increasingly sustainable and transparent way regarding its green policies.

    Noovle’s data centre network uses the most advanced technological and security standards in line with international best practices (LEED Gold), according to TIM, to win its Benefit Company status.

    The cloud company makes efficient use of space, has reduced energy consumption and pays particular attention to the materials used and has adopted circular economy models to “regenerate” servers and equipment to lengthen their useful life.

    Feeling the benefit

    Benefit companies were introduced in Italy in 2016 to identify companies that pursue specific purposes for common benefit, with the aim of generating value for citizens, businesses and manufacturing companies in the country.

    To maintain its status, Noovle undertakes to publish annual sustainability results, through an Impact Report, measuring the social and environmental benefits it provided with the aim of becoming a reference model.

    Furthermore, the company envisages progressing towards a zero-greenhouse gas emissions economy, in line with the European objectives of climate neutrality and the national objectives of ecological transition.