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    NOS offers free 5G experiences to customers


    GIVE US EXCLUSIVE 5G EXPERIENCES FOR YOUR CUSTOMERS NOS customers can test the power of 5G with vouchers for VR, AR and Cloud Gaming apps Offers are available for free on the NOS App NOS customers can try 5G network for free or upgrade immediately NOS was the first operator to launch 5G and provide conditions for everyone to experience the new generation of mobile network. Now, NOS makes this offer even more complete, by exclusively offering its customers free access to four Cloud Gaming, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality applications that, thanks to the unique characteristics of 5G, provide unique and innovative experiences. Through vouchers available on the NOS App, customers can subscribe to the Blacknut, ClipDrop and LeoAR applications for free or watch a concert by the “Pixies” in virtual reality on the MelodyVR application. Allied to 5G, all these experiences have the ability to create more immersive and technologically advanced entertainment moments. Vouchers are available in the 5G area of the NOS App, for all customers who have activated the 5G Upgrade and for customers with native 5G tariffs: – Mobile voice customers with Unlimited tariffs – Mobile voice customers with tariffs that have a base ceiling of 10GB or higher – Post paid mobile internet customers with all traffic included Remember that, until March 31, NOS allows all its customers to enjoy the innovative features of 5G for free. From this date, non-native 5G tariffs can activate the 5G Upgrade for a monthly fee of five euros.