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    NSN announces big data prototype as part of its Technology Vision 2020


    Nokia Siemens Network has announced that it is working on a linearly scalable big data platform designed specially for the telecoms industry.

    The platform prototype was completed in five months with the help of eight of NSN’s partners at its innovation centre in Silicon Valley and is capable of crunching one million messages a second.

    NSN claims this number is close to the total data processing volume a mobile network in Finland would currently require.

    The new big data platform, which is part of the move to teach networks to be self-aware, is just part of the “Technology Vision 2020” blueprint that NSN has set out for future mobile networks.

    The blueprint aims to help operators deal with challenges such as dramatic data traffic growth, increasing capacity thousandfold, reducing latency, moving network management into the cloud and reducing energy consumption.

    In order to increase capacity, for example, NSN is heading the HetNet stream in METIS, an EU-funded 5G research project. Its work on reducing latency to milliseconds involves its Liquid Applications solution, announced in February at Mobile World Congress, while it is engaging in “cloudification” – moving network management into the cloud with the help of SDN.

    “Until now, end users have learned how to use mobile broadband networks to enrich their lives. In the future, end users will teach networks and devices how to evolve and adapt to 2020 lifestyles,” said Hossein Moiin, executive vice president, Technology and Innovation, and member of the Executive Board, Nokia Siemens Networks.

    “Technology Vision 2020 is a guide that equips mobile broadband networks to adapt to those lifestyles. We are working closely with customers, partners, top universities and research institutes to make Technology Vision 2020 a reality.”