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    NSN, ChinaCache signs mobile CDN partnership


    NSN has announced it is working with ChinaCache to develop next generation mobile content delivery through the vendor’s Liquid Applications solution.

    ChinaCache is a CDN and cloud computing company with the largest CDN coverage in China and the only company licensed to provide such services in all of the country’s 33 provinces.

    The two companies have signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) that sees NSN improve the performance of Liquid Apps with faster data throughput and a more personalised customer experience.

    Liquid Apps allows content providers to place their content inside a base station at the edge of an operator’s TD-LTE and FDD-LTE networks.

    The partnership will also improve ChinaCache’s mobile content delivery. According to NSN, ChinaCache will use Liquid Apps to improve its location capabilities, gain greater awareness of user behaviour and adapt its service in real-time according to network conditions.

    Markus Borchert, President of NSN Greater China, commented: “Cooperating with ChinaCache on the next generation of mobile CDN technology will open up the opportunity for unprecedented subscriber experience while allowing mobile operators to introduce new business models.”

    Song Wang, Founder, Chairman and CEO of ChinaCache, added: “In China, the deployment of 4G networks is extremely aggressive. With next-generation mobile CDN technologies enabled by Liquid Applications, ChinaCache will be in a position to become a partner of choice for telecom operators, allowing them to deliver content from the base station to improve transmission efficiency and save costs in backbone network upgrades.”

    Last month, NSN added to the features of its Liquid Applications, introducing customer behaviour metrics and improved content delivery.