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    NSN extends Liquid Apps capabilities


    Nokia Solutions and Networks’ (NSN) blitz of pre-Mobile World Congress announcements has continued with its Liquid Applications product updated with a range of new features including accelerated content delivery and new customer behaviour metrics.
    Among the new capabilities, Liquid Apps now allows new types of real-time services to be delivered from a base station. Further, NSN said its distributed cloud capabilities would allow for quick development and deployment of apps. 
    Use cases for the technology could be sports venues delivering instant video replays to subscribers, NSN said.
    Another feature is speeding up the time it takes to deliver content from the base station. Liquid Apps runs on NSN’s Radio Application Cloud Server (RACS). By extending its software capabilities with content acceleration, optimisation and enabling third-party content storage, NSN said time to content from the base station would be cut by up to 80 percent and backhaul traffic cut by up to a quarter.
    The vendor is also introducing new agents based on its RACS that gather and process network data in real-time. NSN said operators can use its Service Quality Manager to track user actions and preferences.  
    Dirk Lindemeier, Business Product Manager for Liquid Applications at NSN, said: “Operators can take advantage of insights generated in the base stations to find out where and how people use mobile services, and to offer them a completely personalised and conextualised mobile broadband experience.”
    The vendor also launched its Services for OTT Management optimisation and network planning product, allowing operators to help improve the delivery of third-party content, as well as the impact of smart-devices and OTT applications. NSN said the product recommends actions to improve network performance such as optimising parameters, introducing new software features or deploying an additional Liquid Apps server to accelerate the delivery of content.
    Finally, NSN revealed a new fully virtualised and stack independent telco cloud-based IP Multimedia Subsyste, which it said would help operators switch over to VoLTE. It said the product would flip customers back onto a 2G or 3G network where no LTE network is available.
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