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    NSN, KT, SKT achieve world’s first TDD-FDD carrier aggregation demonstration


    Nokia Solutions and Networks (NSN) has demonstrated TDD-FDD carrier aggregation together with Korean operators Korea Telecom (KT) and SK Telecom (SKT).

    The demonstration, which was carried out separately with the two operators, used the vendor’s Flexi Multiradio 10 Base Station. KT said it plans to apply TDD-FDD carrier aggregation technology to its commercial networks. 

    The vendor said that the TDD-FDD carrier aggregation technology would allow operators to improve LTE mobile broadband speed and boost TD-LTE coverage by 50-100 percent. In addition, the use of TDD, FDD spectrum optimally will save costs for mobile operators. 

    “It gives us immense satisfaction to achieve the world’s first TDD-FDD carrier aggregation, and we are actively pursuing the 3GPP standardization of the technology,” said Qi Zhang, vice president of TD-LTE at NSN.

    Seong-Mok Oh, senior executive vice president and head of Network Group at KT commented:”We are keen to continue our successful partnership and technical collaboration with NSN to apply TDD-FDD carrier aggregation technology to commercial networks. 

    This will further advance the quality of our LTE network and help us stand out from the competition.”

    Carrier aggregation allows operators  to combine low-frequency FDD bands such as 850 MHz and 900 MHz with high-frequency TDD bands such as 2300 MHz and 2600 MHz in order to provide high-speed mobile broadband in large areas.

    “The significance of TDD-FDD carrier aggregation is that it provides the technical basis for faster and more efficient data services, combining TD-LTE technology which is becoming more and more widely adopted with FDD-LTE used in most networks today,” said Jin-hyo Park, senior vice president, head of network technology R&D center at SK Telecom.

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