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    Openet and Byte Mobile partner for smarter traffic management


    Openet and Bytemobile have announced a partnership designed to deliver smarter traffic management and personalised quality of experience (QoE) for carriers and their customers. Openet’s Policy Manager and Bytemobile’s Smart Capacity platforms will work together to analyse and control traffic while creating and enforcing policies for individual users.

    As media and web applications become more advanced, the volume of network traffic grows substantially, leading to potentially inconsistent QoE and missed revenue opportunities for carriers. With Openet’s policy management expertise and Bytemobile’s core competency in network capacity management, carriers will be able to adapt and optimise traffic, recognise and prioritise video content, and have the capability to collect deep user insights that result in more value-added and personalised services.

    “Increasingly sophisticated smartphone and tablet users care equally about network quality and price,” said Michael Manzo, chief marketing officer of Openet. “Delivering a superior, subscriber-centric QoE enables operators to differentiate and better monetise their services. Bytemobile and Openet as category leaders enable smarter and more efficient networks, and are therefore natural partners. We approach the same challenge with complementary assets and methodologies.”

    Sample use cases for the Openet-Bytemobile collaboration include:
    •    Management of traffic-intensive applications by differentiating and personalising data services – delivering the appropriate level of video quality to roaming users for specific services to prevent bill shock
    •    Quality-differentiated service plans by subscriber, content and content provider
    •    Intelligent device- and content-type enforcement based on subscriber entitlement

    “Understanding the demands of rich media content – such as video – and its impact on network resources is key to the profitability of mobile data,” said Chris Koopmans, chief operating officer, Bytemobile. “Managing traffic at a content level, combined with policy control, gives operators the flexibility to adjust to fluctuating network conditions in real time and thereby maximise the user experience. Through our partnership with Openet, we can provide operators with the ability to create and deliver service differentiation based on quality of experience.”