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    Openwave launches 4K video optimisation tech for mobile


    Openwave Mobility has launched what it claims is the industry’s first 4K Ultra-HD video optimisation solution for mobile devices.

    DynaMo uses “contextually-selective and congestion-aware” High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC) optimisation to manage the competing H.265 and VP9 next-generation video formats without reducing quality.

    According to the vendor, H.265 and VP video formats are more that twice as efficient as previous generations.

    The technology is also able to adapt output depending on the device being used to view the content, thereby providing the best viewing experience for users.

    Additionally, DynaMo monitors users’ data sessions and will only optimise video when the network is congested, enabling operators to more easily manage bandwidth constraints on their network.

    In doing so, Openwave said DynaMo offers operators up to five times more data savings than pre-existing technologies. It is also NFV-ready and is capable of recoding older video formats into HEVC for further data savings for carriers.

    Matt Halligan, CTO at Openwave Mobility, commented: “Mobile video already accounts for over half of the data on mobile networks and HD video is going to be a major concern for operators who already have heavily burdened networks.

    “Our progress on HEVC optimisation will help operators prepare for Next Generation HD video and help reduce the amount of video data traffic dramatically.”

    Research from Citrix in September found that video data now accounts for more than 50 percent of all mobile data traffic.

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