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    Orange France chooses ironSource to enrich content


    The engagement platform will be used for customers with Android devices.

    The platform, from Aura, is designed to optimise customers’ experience and offer content, apps and services from when the device is set up and at touchpoints across its lifecycle.

    The platform applies AI in the shape of machine learning so that when the customer has a new device, it can be set up to suit them immediately.

    The idea is to improve engagement between Orange and its customers: Orange in Spain and Poland already use the platform.

    Customer satisfaction

    Arnon Harish, President and Co-Founder of ironSource, said,  “Our goal is to help [Orange France] increase customer satisfaction by offering their customers relevant content and services in a natural and seamless way.

    “The ability to unlock numerous touchpoints throughout the lifecycle of a device which are suited to each user’s needs, offers an ideal platform for Orange to build brand loyalty and drive customer value through sharing relevant content.”


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