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    Orange migrates long-distance network to photonic control plane


    Orange and Nokia completed the migration in France, Europe and Asia to manage the network’s resources through distributed software intelligence.

    The network intelligence was applied to different kinds of networking equipment and implemented without any impact on Orange’s customers, after months of preparation. During the migration time, the entire long-distance network which is longer than 18,000km and includes 330 nodes, was simulated on the platform.

    Orange’s French, European and Asian networks – are made up of Nokia 1830 PSS WDM (wave division multiplexing), which can transport up to 20Tb on long-distance links – were all switched to software-managed operations. Now the operator can activate services on-demand and has automatic recovery control enabled by artificial intelligence if there is an outage.

    On-demand transmission network

    Orange’s plan is to reinforce its network performance for the long-term to help it better respond to its customers’ growing bandwidth requirements and offer them more flexible on-demand transmission network solutions.
    Jean-Luc Vuillemin, Executive Vice President Orange International Networks Infrastructures & Services, explained, “This progress is a major step in the development of our transmission network, towards quicker and more flexible production of transmission links, automation and the creation of new added-value services for our customers.

    “Orange continues to invest in ultra high-speed infrastructure development to support the development of new uses, such as multimedia content, social networks or the cloud, and to ensure the quality of transmissions whilst controlling costs.”
    Sam Bucci of Nokia stated, “The Orange and Nokia teams pooled their skills to respond to growing capacity and time to market challenges. One of the key steps was migration of the existing network software to the control plane, a carefully prepared operation orchestrated by our European teams, with the support and supervision of Orange experts.

    “Our teams continue to work towards greater network automation, which will soon allow Orange customers to access services on demand via a dedicated and secure web portal.”