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    Orange Money adds new remittance corridors in Africa


    Orange has opened two new Orange Money “remittance corridors” – from France to Burkina Faso and Morocco.

    People from those countries and living in France can now use their Orange Money account to quickly send money to family and friends.

    The money is securely transferred, in real-time, directly to the recipient’s Orange Money account. Orange says the service brings families closer and facilitates their mutual support by helping them “manage their money better while stimulating economic growth in these countries”.

    The move adds to the existing remittance corridors in Ivory Coast, Guinea, Madagascar and Mali.

    West Africa

    In 2013, Orange launched its mobile-to-mobile international money transfer solution in West Africa, between Mali, Senegal and the Ivory Coast. It provides an alternative to traditional methods of sending money across borders.  

    Christian Bombrun, Senior Vice President Products and Services, Orange France, said, “The health crisis we are going through has shown that mobile-to-mobile money transfer is a key benefit for our customers.

    “Money transfer users in France have massively turned to Orange Money to instantly and securely send money to their loved ones in Mali, Ivory Coast, Madagascar and Guinea. The opening of two new corridors, in Burkina Faso and Morocco, is an important step in Orange Money’s development strategy worldwide.”


    No bank account is required to use Orange Money in France. Users can register free via the Android or iPhone mobile phone app or at an Orange Money point of sale.

    Ben Cheick Haidara, Chairman of the Orange Money Burkina Faso Board of Directors, said, “The financial support sent by the diaspora to their families who stayed behind in the country, and their contribution to the economy, is very important to our country.

    “Having a simple, rapid and reliable solution like Orange Money, so that the beneficiary receives their money instantly, addresses a real need of our customers.

    “Opening up international money transfers from France to Burkina Faso will cement the use of Orange Money in the daily lives of our population, alongside other existing services.”

    Yves Gauthier, CEO of Orange Morocco, added, “By introducing international money transfer, we want to offer our customers an alternative to traditional means of receiving money across borders.

    “From now on, their mobile phone allows them to receive money from their relatives living in France at a lower cost, instantaneously and securely.”