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    Orange Poland completes roll-out of country-wide OSS for FTTH


    CIO says it will enable deeper automation within processes, often leveraging AI, as a major part of its growth strategy

    Orange Poland has completed the roll-out of new OSS across the country.

    It is designedto transform and automate network management and service delivery processes for FTTH, and facilitate the management of network resources and services.

    Orange Poland also aims to reduce the time to deliver services to its customers and simplify how reported errors are dealt with.

    The solution is structure around Comarch’s centralised, multi-vendor and multi-domain Inventory Management system. It manages more than 200 million Orange Poland resources, physical and logical.

    The solution is complemented by Comarch’s Service & Resource Fulfillment and Comarch Service Assurance modules,

    The modules are orchestrated by Comarch Service Order Management Integration – the customer management system is based on TM Forum’s Open APIs and reference architecture.

    The Comarch system has:

    • integral automation mechanisms to improve the delivery of products to end-customers; • API-based access to resource orders for sales and customer service systems; and • automatic preparation of work orders in the workforce management systems.

    This solution serves more than 300 concurrent users and supports more than 5,000 field technicians.

    Bertrand Grèzes-Besset, Chief Information Officer at Orange Poland, commented, “This implementation is a major component in the digital transformation of Orange Poland.

    With the permanent support of Comarch throughout the last year, we have been able to establish a new foundation for our information systems. As a major part of our growth strategy, we will now be able to focus on even deeper automation in our processes, leveraging artificial intelligence in many cases”.