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    Orange Polska builds 4G and 5G campus network at Nokia factory


    The factory, at Bydgoszcz, manages automated vehicles including a drone, and allows push to talk and video communications.

    Nokia chose Orange Polska as a partner to build a private 4G and 5G network at its Polish factory at Bydgoszcz. The solution works at the factory in Bydgoszcz and in the research and development center, on a total area of 13,000 m2 .
    The location in Bydgoszcz includes the Nokia factory and three R&D centre buildings, which are part of an ecosystem of Nokia factories and R&D centers in Poland, employing over 6,000 people.

    Integration and test

    In the Bydgoszcz factory, Nokia integrates and tests ICT systems and networks for telecoms operators and customers from the industry, transport and energy sectors.
    “Private 5G networks are undoubtedly the future of an effective industry. I am glad that we can boast a unique experience on the Polish market, collected during the implementation of already operating implementations of this type, which pay off in subsequent projects, such as the one with Nokia.

    “It is a solution enabling the maximum adjustment of communication to the customer’s needs, safe and increasing the efficiency of processes,” said Julien Ducarroz, President of Orange Polska.
    This customer-specific private campus network is powered by Nokia Digital Automation Cloud, a private application platform for high throughput, low latency, and local edge processing.
    The key element of the system is the edge server, which Nokia describers as a “Platform for configuration, management, monitoring and hosting of networks and applications, as well as a place for data storage and processing”.
    Each of the three buildings has two indoor base stations, and there is an outdoor station for coverage of outside buildings.

    Productivity boost

    The network makes it easier to automate production processes, manage and monitor automated guided vehicles and other vehicles in the factory, and handle automatic transport of internal components and finished products and their precise location with accuracy to 30cm.

    The network provides reliable group voice and video communication between factory employees (push to talk/push to video), seamless data exchange between production lines equipped with IoT devices, and enables remote operation of a drone equipped with a video camera to monitor containers and large areas.

    The private 5G network is an R&D base for implementing production process optimisation projects for industry 4.0. The Orange Group has already completed similar projects in other European countries.