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    Orange Polska looks nationwide for all-IP transformation


    Orange Polska is the latest operator to move towards an all-IP network and is working with Nokia to transform its legacy public switched telephone network (PSTN).

    The two companies recently completed a pilot project in a suburban part of Warsaw, using Nokia’s PSTN Smart Transform professional services, along with its Network Migration Operating Centre.

    All of the services were moved onto a unified IP network, without affecting customer experience, according to a statement. Nokia claimed Orange is now able to benefit from energy savings as well as the ability to use its infrastructure more effectively.

    The Finland-based vendor will now start work on a nationwide all-IP program with the aim to offer voice and high speed internet services to customers.

    Poland is one of Orange’s testbeds for its transformation to an all-IP network. Deutsche Telekom is another operator undertaking this strategy.

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    Rafal Dziedzic, Director Technology and Operations Strategy, Orange Polska said: “Implementation of the All-IP program supports Orange Polska’s ambition to retain leadership in the digital economy and ultra-broadband innovations in Poland, and will streamline our network and services operations to deliver simplification and optimised costs to better serve our customers.”

    Federico Guillen, president of Nokia’s Fixed Networks business group, said: “Migrating away from traditional PSTN networks is a process that can be extremely difficult, complex and expensive without the right expertise…[An all-IP transformation] will ultimately help them drive operational savings and create additional revenue opportunities that fuel business growth.”