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    Peering as a supplementary services expands access to global markets


    Internet peering service provider, France-IX, says 75% of its IXP members have signed up for the peering as a supplementary service (PASS) offer it launched six weeks ago. 

    According to France-IX, the secure transport service and peering privileges solution is open to IXP members, which are directly connected at one of France-IX’s locations in Paris or Marseille, access to community members that peer at the other.

    This means that, without a physical port in the other city, a direct peering member in either city gains access and peering privileges with more than 15 unique networks in Marseille or over 350 unique networks in Paris.

    The resilient interconnection service enables France-IX to achieve a round-trip delay of less than 12 milliseconds. This, the company says, makes “Marseille even closer for France-IX Paris members who wish to expand there and facilitate content access across Africa, the Middle-East and Asia”.

    Customer’s testamony

    French telecoms provider moji, which provides all-fibre infrastructure to business customers. Ferdinand Chevrant-Breton, Director and Co-founder of moji, said, “We are always looking for the best possible interconnections with the major Internet players and we have to go, always, further to serve our customers better – literally.

    “We were seduced by the advantages of the PASS service: its affordable price, its record implementation time and the simple access to new unique peers, as well as the resilient access to existing critical peers. With a port speed of 100G, we are entering a new peering dimension.”

    Rapid take-up

    Simon Muyal, CTO, France-IX , said, “This rapid uptake of our PASS Service is testament to our ability to provide innovative solutions that make France-IX the best choice for peering in Europe.

    “Our mission…is to provide Internet networks with simple, reliable, trusted, fair and competitive interconnection services in France, in full neutrality and financial independence, and to continue to develop a multi-service and international interconnection platform to increase the agility and the affordability of communications services.”