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Proximus merges affiliates to offer IT solutions for front- and back-end


IT services company Codit and web application agency Unbrace will form a single entity, operating under the Codit umbrella, by the end of the year.

According to Belgium's Proximus, their union brings together Codit's back-end expertise, including integration, modernising applications, cloud-native technologies, API management, IoT and AI, with Unbrace's front-end solutions, which focus on application development.

The rationale is that combined, the companies will deliver  digital transformation for their customers from data set up, to integration design, to front-end deployment.

The new company will have its headquarters in Antwerp.

Natural match

Bart Watteeuw, Director One Integrator at Proximus, said, "This merger arises from a natural match between two innovative Proximus subsidiaries with highly specialized digital IT experts. Both companies are already members today of the Proximus Accelerators, a collaborative ecosystem of subsidiaries within our group who support enterprise customers in transforming their business and unlocking their full digital potential.

"Their complementary and diverse expertise is what makes Proximus Accelerators capable of solving IT challenges end-to-end: from API development to integrated IT solutions, and from data privacy and security to smart mobility. Therefor I strongly believe that the merger of Codit and Unbrace marks a logical new episode in the history of both companies and will ensure an even better support to the customer, driven by technology."

Operators' forays into IT services have not always been successful, as the T-Systems' restructuring and BT's struggling Global Services show. Still, IT services have long been a central plank of Orange's strategy, including its Engage2025 plan launched last December, and it seems to be making good progress.