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    Proximus synchs national 5G network with grandmaster clock tech


    Belgium’s biggest mobile operator opts for ADVA’s solution to protect against global navigation satellite system (GNSS) outages.

    Proximus is deploying ADVA’s Oscilloquartz timing technology to synchronize Belgium’s largest open mobile network, which for mission-critical applications should not rely on satellite-based timing alone.

    The new nationwide synchronisation network is built on the OSA 5440, a timing solution optimised for deployment in core networks and the OSA 5412 family of mid-scale synchronisation machines designed for deployment in a range of locations. The OSA 3230B ePRC cesium clock is installed in two central sites.


    ADVA says by choosing its core grandmaster devices, access boundary clocks and its enhanced primary reference time clock (ePRTC) solution, Proximus is ensuring sufficiently accurate timing and resilience for 5G, broadcast and other time-sensitive services.

    The technology was implemented by ADVA’s partner Arcadiz Telecom, a provider of connectivity solutions across the Benelux region.

    Patrick Delcoigne, Director, Network Engineering and Operations, Proximus, commented, “This deployment is a core component of our 5G strategy. It means more value not only for our customers looking to access data-intensive applications and stream high-quality video wherever they are, but also for telco operators using our open network.

    “ADVA’s grandmaster clock and [enhanced primary reference clock] ePRC cesium technology empower us to meet key timing challenges. It enables highly accurate phase precision, enhanced stability and long-term protection from GNSS outages”.

    “Just as important, though, is the support of the ADVA and Arcadiz Telecom team. Their engineers have worked closely with us to ensure that the network meets all of our requirements.”