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    Qualcomm furthers mesh push with new features, projects


    Qualcomm is working with manufacturers in a bid to accelerate deployments of mesh networks and has introduced new features for the technology.

    The work, with Wi-Fi providers including Acelink, Sercomm and WNC, comes ahead of Qualcomm launching carrier mesh solutions to consumers from next year. Mesh networks have connectivity spread out across a number of nodes, rather than through a wireless access point.

    The chipset maker is collaborating with Wi-Fi provider Plume on two hardware reference designs with an aim to deliver “corner to corner” connectivity, cloud management and intelligent data for network operators.

    Fahri Diner, CEO and Co-Founder, Plume, said: “A reliable, managed, and optimized whole-home Wi-Fi network is the only solution to the ‘last-meter problem’ faced by the carriers.”

    Qualcomm is also looking to solve latency, buffering and dropped packet issues by building Video-Over-Mesh features that aims to deliver seamless video to all parts of a building.

    Other features include latency of under 40ms, optimised delivery, Massive MIMO and the ability to stream multiple HD and UHD videos at the same time.

    Irvind Ghai, Vice President, Product Management, Qualcomm, said: “Qualcomm provides service providers with a mesh Wi-Fi solution that revolutionizes whole-home connectivity, blanketing coverage across corners and floors.

    “This provides the flexibility for carriers to deploy advanced video services through traditional wireless gateways and set-top-boxes or through mesh architectures, so that consumers can enjoy a resilient network that supports their growing entertainment demands while on the move in the home.”

    Earlier this year, Qualcomm launched mesh networking solutions aimed at connecting smart home products.