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    Radisys completes Continuous acquisition, promotes senior staff


    Continuous Computing’s takeover over by Radisys is now complete, and we can see the extent to which the acquired company’s management team is being integrated into  the larger, merged operation.

    We knew already that Mike Dagenais, President and Chief Executive Officer of Continuous Computing, from 2006-2011, will be CEO of the merged operation.

    That’s by no means all Continuous Computing’s promotions. Mike Coward, a Continuous Computing veteran and former CTO, Vice President of Engineering, and General Manager at the company, scores a role as Vice President, Strategy and Innovation.

    Amit Agarwal will become Vice President/General Manager; Software and Professional Services. And Manish Singh, who came into Continuous Computing through Trillium, will now be Radisys’ CTO.

    There are still plenty of Radisys personnel around too: notably leading the Platforms team, and in the CFO, strategy and business development offices.

    As stated previously, the deal sees Radisys pay $73 million in cash plus 3,666,667 shares of RadiSys common stock. In addition RadiSys will make earn-out payments based on revenues generated by a specified set of Trillium products over a three year period following the closing of the acquisition. Alternatively, RadiSys has the right to make a one-time payment of cash and/or RadiSys shares with a value of $15 million up to 18 months after the closing date.