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    Samsung sets new 5G benchmark


    Samsung has hit a 5G milestone, clocking speeds of 7.5Gbps in a stationary environment and 1.2Gbps within a vehicle moving at more than 100 kilometres per hour.

    The manufacturer said the stationary test was the first to be conducted outdoors, rather than within indoor lab conditions. The vehicle test took place on a 4.35km professional race track.

    Samsung said it used its Hybrid Adaptive Array Technology to overcome the short communication range of the 28GHz 5G network. The technology uses millimetre wave bands to transmit data over greater distances. 

    The speeds were a sevenfold increase on those Samsung held in May 2013, when the manufacturer hit 1GBps over a 28GHz 5G network.

    Chang Yeong Kim, Head of DMC R&D Centre at Samsung Electronics, said: “We will continue to build upon these milestones and develop advanced technologies that contribute to the 5G standard. In addition to leveraging our own global R&D capabilities, we will also continue to cooperate with other industry leaders and research centres across the world. Whether you are talking about mobile devices, the cloud, or the Internet of Things, the demand for 5G telecommunications standard and its supporting technologies will continue to grow.”

    Samsung said it is also developing transmission technologies for high frequency bands, multiple access technologies and low latency networks as part of its 5G plans.

    The manufacturer recently announced what is believes should be the seven “core pillars” of 5G technology, as operators and vendors work on developing it. Dubbed the “5G rainbow”, it said the pillars should be maximum data rates, spectral efficiency, speed of mobility, data transmission rates at the cell edge, the number of simultaneous connections, communication delays and cost.

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