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    Siemens to take advantage of Federated Wireless’ SAS


    Dynamic spectrum sharing company Federated Wireless is working with Siemens to provide connectivity in the Citizens’ Broadband Radio Service band.

    The band, which sits between 3.55GHz and 3.7GHz, is being opened by US regulator the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).

    Federated Wireless has built a cloud-based platform to allocate and manage spectrum resources according to who needs connectivity and when.

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    Siemens is the manufacturer of rugged wireless broadband units that can be deployed in harsh and remote areas. The units had already been offering WiMAX-based connectivity in the 3.65GHz band. Other users of that band include utilities providers, oil and gas companies and operators connecting rural areas.

    However, the FCC ruled last year that this and neighbouring bands should be opened up to provide a “Citizens’ Broadband” network, with spectrum allocated through spectrum access system (SAS) such as the one provided by Federated Wireless.

    Federated Wireless said by shifting its connectivity to the Citizens’ Broadband frequencies, Siemens would benefit from interference free connectivity, as well as maximised spectrum resources.

    Ken Stewart, Federated Wireless’ SVP of Sales and Business Development, said: “With a SAS connection through our CINQ XP platform, Siemens customers and other grandfathered licensees can continue to expand and evolve their networks and related services; for example, moving or adding a new radio outside their current protection zone.

    “Additionally, connection to our CINQ XP platform would provide interference-free managed access to spectrum resources ensuring high service levels with more efficient and reliable operations.”

    The first commercially available SAS products are expected next year, once final certification and verification of the technology has been completed.