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    Sigfox IoT network tapped for fire hydrant monitoring


    Water flow equipment provider Talis will use Sigfox’s IoT network to bring its fire hydrants monitoring technology to connected cities. 

    The solution will allow utility companies and other city officials to monitor the status of “smart” fire hydrants to ensure they are functioning properly and help prevent water theft, Sigfox said.

    Talis’ COPERNIC technology provides round-the-clock monitoring of fire hydrants with time-stamped data. A module installed inside each hydrant sends out real-time alerts when it detects a unit is being used or tampered with, as well as data on the volume of water drawn.

    Alerts are sent via SMS or email via the Sigfox network. All data is available via a web portal, with an additional smartphone app also offering the ability to receive notifications and access usage data on the hydrants.

    Hervé Dumont, Head of Marketing at Talis, said: “COPERNIC illustrates our commitment to providing innovative and cost-effective solutions that enable cities and municipal water suppliers to easily implement smart programs that reduce costs and improve services.

    “The Sigfox network is the obvious choice to connect thousands of hydrants to the Internet of Things, because there is no network infrastructure to be deployed during installation of the fire hydrants. In addition, the network offers low-energy consumption, reduced costs, easy integration and, most of all, comprehensive coverage in France.”

    Sigfox said its ultra-narrowband network had been specifically designed for small communications within IoT applications in order to greatly improve the battery life of connected objects.

    Last month, Narrownet brought the Sigfox network to Portugal.

    Stuart Lodge, EVP for Global Sales at Sixfox, said: “The Sigfox network, with its ‘plug-and-play’ connectivity, low cost and low power consumption will enable the COPERNIC solution to efficiently deliver a wide range of essential data to water-management officials in real time.”

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